Hiking to Molly’s Knob, the most scenic vista in Southwest Virginia

No visit to Hungry Mother State Park is complete without a hike to Molly’s Knob. From the top, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the valleys and peaks of Smyth County, Virginia.

Molly’s knob is a fun hike to do on a sunny day with friends or anyone you enjoy going hiking with. The climb to the top of the summit is quite steep at times, but there are a few beautiful overlooks on the way up that make it worth the trek up. Once you reach the summit you see views of the rolling mountains and to the left you see the exquisite town of Marion from afar. It feels as if you are on top of the world when you reach the summit at Molly’s Knob.

The view is definitely worth it once you reach the summit. It’s a nice overlook of the mountains. Pictures cannot do the view justice. It would be extremely pretty to see at sunset. The sun painting the sky different colors of orange and pink while the mountains are resting below. It is peaceful at the summit. It is a hike that will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied.

Insider tips for hiking Molly’s Knob

If you put Molly’s Knob into the GPS, it will take you out of the Hungry Mother Park and to the wrong location. I suggest looking at a park map, either online or at the park, to find out how to get there. There is a parking lot right where the trail begins. To get there you just go into the park like normal, follow that road, and then turn right onto Lake Drive. At the end of Lake Drive you find a parking lot that has access to two trails, one of them being Molly’s Knob. 

The trail is kept up very well, the pathway is very obvious and well laid out. The trail does connect to other trails within the park, so you can go onto other trails, if you wish, during or after your hike. Reading the signage is super important to not get lost since the trail does connect to others. The trail begins pretty steep and stays that way until about 1/2 a mile into it. At 1/4 of a mile you will see a pretty overlook of the lake. There are many benches on the way up to stop and rest since the trail is decently steep. The steepest part of the hike is the very end, right before you make it to the summit of Molly’s Knob. The hike down is a lot easier since you will be going downhill rather than uphill. 

This hike is a rather intense one and food is fuel. Stopping for a good breakfast or brunch beforehand is a must. To find local breakfast restaurants you can click here.

More about Hungry Mother State Park

Once you finish your hike there are several other activities to do at Hungry Mother State Park. You could spend the day swimming at the beach and jumping off the diving boards. Kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats are available at the park as a fun activity. There is even lodging and a campground at the park. For more information on the park you can click here.

Hungry Mother Lake in Smyth County VA

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