Find local flavors in Smyth County, Virginia

Meet the farmers behind Smyth County’s local food scene!

How many local flavors in Smyth County can you find? Smyth County, Virginia, is home to a thriving food scene with locally sourced products, including seasonal produce, pasture-raised meats, and gourmet specialty items like honey, goat cheese and custom-roasted coffee. Local farm products can be found in restaurants, farmers markets, and retail businesses throughout Southwest Virginia.

Plus, go beyond the restaurant menu with a farm tour, or even a farm stay! Numerous local farms offer unique vacation rentals.

Gather Ye Honey

Gather Ye Honey’s bees make remarkable honey. This local farm sells pure, raw, unfiltered wildflower honey from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition, you can order honey online on their website or you can buy it at Laurel Springs Farm and Store in Marion, Virginia.

Gather Ye Honey is also home to Quarter Way Inn, a hiker hostel along the Appalachian Trail.

Beekeeper holding panel of bees while wearing protective gear, collecting local honey in Smyth County VA
Local Flavor: Honey! Gather Ye Honey sells pure, raw, unfiltered wildflower honey from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Old Rich Valley Farm

Old Rich Valley Farm is a local family farm that sells pasture-raised beef, pork, and chicken. In addition, this farm also sells bone broth and smoked meats cooked in their own farm kitchen. Located in Saltville, Virginia, you can book a stay on the farm. You can also buy merchandise and farm meats on their website.

3 children picking blackberries at a local farm in Smyth County VA
Local Flavor: Blackberries! Salt of the Earth Farms offers blackberry picking for the whole family with their thornless blackberry bushes.

Salt of the Earth Farms

Visit the farm and enjoy picking tame, thornless blackberries with your family and friends. Located in Saltville, Virginia, and the beautiful Clinch Mountains, it’s a piece of heaven on earth!

Laurel Springs Beef

Laurel Springs Beef is passionate about the fields they plant, grass they grow, cattle they raise, and the land they preserve. Their family operation takes pride in everything they do, offering delicious, tender, all-natural beef that delivers an exceptional eating experience. In fact, this farm starts and ends local, right in Marion, Virginia. You can even stay right on the farm in one of their lovely vacation rentals.

The Wooden Pickle in Marion, Virginia, also uses Laurel Spring Beef’s products in their restaurant.

Mountain Ridge Beef

Mountain Ridge Beef is a local beef company located in Chilhowie, Virginia. This local farm sells Grain Finished USDA Certified Beef. 

Dark Hollow Micro Roasters

Dark Hollow Micro Roasters is a local coffee brewing company that brews coffee as it is ordered and ships it out within 24 hours. This company’s mission is to continue providing the finest, freshest coffee anywhere. 

Local Flavor: Coffee! Dark Hollow Micro Roasters brews coffee to order and will even ship directly to you.

Sugar Maple Springs

Sugar Maple Springs is a small goat farm in Rural Retreat, Virginia. This local goat farm sells delicious farm-fresh goat cheese. With many delicious flavors of cheese to choose from like The Hot Pepper Queso Fresco or Garlic & Chive, you are bound to fall in love with this local farm.

Local Flavor: Goat Cheese! Sugar Maple Springs offers many different, unique flavors of fresh-made goat cheese.

Southern Fork Farm

Southern Fork Farm is a farm in Sugar Grove, Virginia, owned by the Boucher and Smith families. This farm grows a wide selection of vegetables without pesticides, synthetic herbicides, or fertilizers. Chicken meat, turkey meat, and eggs are also available.

Stickley Cattle Company

Stickley Cattle Company is a local farm located in Marion, Virginia. Started by a man who found a passion for farming from his parents, this local farm raises Texas Longhorns and offers premium stock. This farm also offers USDA Certified Longhorn Beef.

Local Flavor: Beef! Stickley Cattle Company offers USDA Certified Longhorn Beef from Marion-raised Texas Longhorns.

Farmhouse Market LLC

Farmhouse Market LLC is a local market in Sugar Grove, Virginia. This farm has locally produced beef and pork, dairy products, canned goods, local crafts, and a daily food special. You can even stay right above the market in one of their vacation rentals.

For more information on dining and food options, as well as other local flavors in Smyth County, you can click here. These are some of the best restaurants in the area, and some of them also have products from our local farmers on their menus.

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